Soccer first, Baseball second?

We understand, soccer first, but can we just say... Baseball second?

Soccer first, Baseball second?

Dear Germans,

this is an introduction about Baseball, the best sport from the United States of America, it’s true! Forget Basketball, forget American football, that’s very bad people, it’s a disaster, very bad, they named football just soccer, it’s true, everybody says that. It’s horrible. It’s terrific!

We play with a ball like in football, but it’s tiny, very tiny, but it´s great and easy to grab! You grab it by the seams for better control. It´s the best control over a ball, all over the world. You´ll love it. As well it is much harder than a football, you can’t kick it, it hurts, it really hurts, you need gloves to catch it. It’s incredibly hard. You’ll love it! The gloves are really great, no tiny hands in great gloves, everybody will see big hands, it’s brilliant.

Also woman, play baseball, but not really, we call it Softball, it’s soft, but it’s hard! It’s ridiculously hard. The balls are bigger, yeah really big balls and the woman play with them, you’ll love it, woman playing with big balls, it’s true.

In baseball the players and the coach have the same uniforms, only the coach is older than the players. The uniform consist out of Cap, great caps, protect you from the sun, it’s great, we have a jersey and long pants, you’ll love it, as well as a belt and stirrups, stirrups look like stirrups of football, but they aren’t, we have to buy them in America, it’s true. We also have shoes, they look like soccer shoes, you can use soccer shoes if you like, but you need some shoes with cleats, it’s for the grip. Just have some, it’s great.

The field isn’t a rectangle, it’s a quarter circle, isn’t that smart a quarter circle, it’s true. Around the field is a wall, sometimes there is a warning track in front to protect the players from cross the wall, it’s brilliant. In the middle of the field is a mountain, no flat ground, a mountain, it’s great. Much better than flat ground, it’s a fact.

To protect your home, you have a weapon. Absolutely fantastic, you protect your home with a bat, it’s amazing. The offence protects your home, like the phrase goes, offence is the best protection, it’s great, absolutely.

In soccer you love big public events like the “Fanmeile” in Berlin. Over 1 Million visitors it’s fabulous! But Baseball has the biggest non-religion public event in the world. After the Boston Red Socks defeat the Cleveland Indians in the Play-Offs in 2016, it´s true, over 5 Million people came together to celebrate the trophy, absolutely fantastic, really great!

You can’t tie a Baseball games, it’s a fact. The game ends only, if one of the teams is leads after a inning, it’s great, you will love it.

We totally understand soccer is first, but can we just say baseball is second?


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